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I just wanted to thank Empire Fastpitch and John Wren. My daughter was in the transfer portal and was looking for a new school. I was introduced to John and told he could help. He has such great conections and put me in touch with a coach and a school that turned out to be a great fit for my daughter. John was always available whenever I had a question and always willing to help. Thank you John, my daughter and I are very appreciative for all of your help.

Glenn M.

You want to get recruited to play college ball? Stick with Empire Fastpitch. This org is doing phenomenal work at getting girls in college shape, seen & recruited. The best decision we ever made was coming to the NYC camp in July. This camp was the BEST my twins have been to in 2 yrs (and they’ve been to over a dozen camps down in Texas area)
Thanks John Wren , John Capozucca and Frank Marinello for allowing the camp opportunity
And Jaime Lyn for finding the solid sweet spot! We love ❤️ y’all
My twins were recruited & then committed to the perfect NCAA College through Empire Fastpitch & Jaime Lyn!

Wanted to give a big Thank you to Empire Fastpitch, Especially John Wren, Frank Marinello and their coaching staff for allowing my daughter to be part of their team for one weekend at NE Finest. You have a great group of girls, parents and coaches. John Wren is awesome, as he was able to set up some tours and visits for her in NYC as well. We greatly enjoyed our time with you in NY and MA. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Rose Smith

I have been involved with travel fast pitch softball for the last 15 years. I am so impressed with the way Empire Fastpitch quickly grew into a very respected and established organization. The main focus of Empire Fastpitch is getting their athletes recruited to college! They help you through the entire process. From training, showcasing, setting up the girl’s twitter and YouTube accounts, editing the film footage, calling college coaches on the girl’s behalf and writing letters of recommendations. I am very impressed, and my daughter is very happy playing for Empire Fastpitch!!

Cathy S

Empire Fastpitch is a great organization. My daughter is thriving, and we are very happy to be a part of this softball family. The coaches are experienced and present a very structured approach to improving the girls’ softball skills. The coaches teach the girls sportsmanship and how to be an athlete both on and off the field. Top notch organization!

Dawn M

This organization is doing everything in its power to train girls through the winter months, bring in specialized instructors, tournament play with college coaches in attendance, holding camps and inviting college coaches. Top notch org. These girls are going to be very skilled athletes and going to get their chances to be recruited.

Leeanne W

Thank you so much for always welcoming my daughter with open arms. Not only does the organization provide high level skill training but it also provides an extremely warm and nurturing environment. Thank you for all you do! Empire Strong 💪

Can honestly say since I’ve seen it first hand, that this organization is all about the young ladies. Their commitment and extreme dedication to them is beyond measure.